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Kula Lunge Long and Low Position

Long & Low Position

The Kula Lunge is an ergonomically designed horse lunging system that will enhance the development of your horses training under saddle by improving its way of going from the ground.

Whether you are looking to shape your next royal show winner, dressage champion or just improve your horse’s way of going and balance the Kula_Lunge Training System needs to be incorporated into your training program.

The Kula_Lunge Training System is designed to aid in improving your horses balance whilst encouraging it to engage its hindquarters and improve the connection to the bit which helps to develop the topline muscles. 

The Kula Lunge Training System can be utilised by horses and riders at any training level from equestrians at pony club level through to professionals wanting to upscale their horses training.


It can be utilised for horses at any level of training from breaking in stage (inexperienced green horse that is new to training) through to experienced competitive mounts that need some extra ground training or are returning from a break etc or for any horses in between those training scales.

Kula Lunge Collected Position

Collected Position

Kula Lunge Standard Position

Standard Position

Kula Lunge is a small Australian family business owned and operated by Jenny Kunde who has been breaking, training and riding horses for over 40 years. 

The Kula_Lunge is designed and manufactured in Australia and 90% of the materials are sourced in Australia. 

To learn more about our story 

Lunging Demonstration with and without the
Kula Lunge Training System

Dirty Weekend aka Dirto is a 19 year old thoroughbred gelding who's natural way of going is hollow and on the forehand. With the aid of the Kula_Lunge Training system we have managed to develop Dirto's toppling significantly and get  him working in a much more connected and uphill frame as demonstrated in the videos. 

To view the entire narrated video follow this link!

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