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KPH Sir Lancelot - Cross Training with Trot & Canter Zig Zag Poles

KPH Sir Lancelot – Part 1 Trot Poles

I have set the trot poles up in a zig zag pattern at VP, EB & SR to get Lance doing a small serpentine over the poles to engage the hindquarters and improve his balance and connection. My focus is on him maintaining balance after each pole so he stays into my outside rein to do a smooth balanced turn to the next pole.

KPH Sir Lancelot – Part 2 Canter Poles

I have kept the poles in the same formation for canter to improve the connection & balance in the canter by ensuring Lance keeps the same rhythm & tempo approaching the pole, over the pole & after the pole. Today I looped around over the poles on the same rein in each direction. To progress the exercise I will start to ride transitions to change leads & then progress to lead changes over the poles. This exercise would be simpler in an arena larger than a standard size dressage arena which is why I simplified it to begin with.

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