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The Kula_Lunge Training System works by engaging the horses’ hindquarters and encouraging them to move forward into an even steady flexible contact without feeling restricted.

Utilising the Kula_Lunge training system you can improve the horses movement of them going forward from and working in a connected frame without the influence of a rider that they also have to learn to balance.  Building the training from the ground up is less stressful for the horse and easier and quicker for the trainer to get the result they want.

The Kula_Lunge Training System is designed to fit a wide range of ponies and horses and has been used on ponies from 13.2 hh up to horses standing at 17.2 hh. 
Kula Lunge Long and Low

Side - Reins

The Kula_Lunge Training System has strategically placed elastic inserts in the side-reins for added mobility to ensure the horse does not feel or become restricted by the side reins.  


The side reins run from the O-Ring in the hindquarter sling, through the roller ring to the bit and then back to the roller to encourage the horse to work in a round connected frame.

The longer side-reins allows the horse greater head and neck freedom so if the horse does want to raise it's head then it is able to do so.


The Side reins can be positioned to encourage the horse to work in a longer and lower frame, a round on the bit frame or a higher more collected frame depending on what you aim to achieve with your training.

Hindquarter Sling

The Kula_Lunge Training System has a rotational hindquarter sling that is designed to encourage the horse to engage step forward and under whilst relaxing the top-line muscles to encourage a rounder more uphill frame.

The hindquarter sling has an elasticated insert for increased comfort and flexibility.

The Hindquarter sling has 2 stoppers that limit the rotation to limit how much the horse can flex in either direction.  

Kula Lunge Collected
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