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Kula Lunge KPH Sir Lancelot

The Kula Lunge training system has been designed and manufactured by Jenny Kunde has over 20 years professional experience in the horse industry as a coach, professional breaker and trainer, competitive rider and business owner.

She has over 40 years of experience with horses from growing up riding in the bush & mustering cattle to joining pony club when she was 15 and eventually moving on to specialise in dressage and showing competitions with a team of horses. 
She is a qualified Equestrian Australia Level 1 Dressage Coach and has her Certificate IV in Sports (coaching) and professional dressage and show rider. 

The concept of the Kula_Lunge training system first came to life around 2013 when Jenny became a full-time trainer and was seeking a way to train her horses more effectively from the ground because she was dealing a significant back injury which impacted her ability to ride horses unless they were smooth, round & connected.


Jenny tried to find a safe and suitable lunging system that would be effective in enabling her to get horses more balanced and connected before she got in the saddle.


When she couldn't find one she designed her own - the Kula Lunge Training System. After using the system on numerous horses, from sale horses, to breakers to her competition horses, she honed the system so that it was made of durable materials and sized so that it would fit a wide variety of horses. 

A lot of Jenny's students have also utilised the Kula_Lunge Training system to improve their horses way of going and  they have been instrumental in help Jenny hone and finalise the design. 

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